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FlaglerAveI live in Florida on a barrier island. It’s a half mile wide. No matter where you go, you’re no more than 1/4 mile from the Atlantic Ocean or the Intracoastal Waterway.  So why is my favorite beach radio station in Western New York State?

It’s simple. The folks at West New York Shore Radio get it. Of course they do. Who would appreciate the splendors of sun and surf more than poor souls stuck in winter weather like western New Yorkers suffer each year?

How do I hear them in Florida? Is it a Gulf Stream phenomenon? No. it’s Internet radio… and it’s free. Is it authentic? You betcha. When I first moved to New Smyrna Beach, one of the first performers I heard live at Toni & Joe’s, a local beachfront bar was Rick Steffen. During my first visit to West New York Shore Radio they played Rick Steffen.

Another nice thing about West New York Shore Radio is their excellent taste in beach reading materials. They reviewed both Life’s a Beach Then You Die and Payback’s a Beach. You can hear the first review about 15:25 into Episode 14 and the second review at about 19:58 in Episode 16.

Is there any quid pro quo here? Nope, just honest appreciation for somebody else’s work. I hope you check them out.

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  1. We at “The Shore” appreciate Falafel Jones’ appreciation of our station. We feel very honored to be mentioned by Falafel, and recognized as a place on the Web to go for all
    your Trop Rock & Americana music cravings.
    Thank you very much for the recognition.

    Don “da Pyrate”

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