I finally caught up with Max Fried and asked him about his swim trunks. As you’d expect, he gave me the fish eye when I ran up to him on the beach and asked, “So, whose swim suit are you wearing?”

Twenty minutes later, after the Beach Patrol Officer let me out of his truck and undid the cuffs, Max told me his secret.

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“They’re Columbia swim trunks. No, I don’t have the red ones. As you can see, mine are beige like my cargo shorts but Columbia calls this color ’twill’. My other pair is black. I like that they have side pockets for my hands and a third pocket that zips shut. I just drop my waterproof camera in a side pocket and I’m good to go.”

“I think they look good with my Teva sandals. The Teva straps go over your foot. You don’t have to suffer with something stuck in between your toes and the back doesn’t flip and flop like um… flip flops.”

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At this point Mariel put her hands on her hips and demanded, “Max. what’s wrong with flip flops?” I looked down at her feet and asked, “Where are your high heels? I told everyone you always wore high heels.”

Mariel looked at me. Then she looked at the Beach Patrol officer still parked nearby. Then she looked at me. “You told who what?”

I tried to recover gracefully but I don’t think I pulled it off. “I meant, I’ve always admired how you looked in high heels.”

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She looked at me and then down at her feet.¬†She smiled and said, “I like the whimsy in the pink sandals. Now that we’ve been walking on the sand more, I’ve been wearing the heels less often.”



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