Life’s a Beach en Español

Spanish edition

Life’s a Beach en Español is…

Playa de arenas movedizas

Thanks to the folks at and translator Nagore Andrés Lorenzo, Life’s a Beach Then You Die is now available in Spanish. So far you can purchase the Spanish language ebook at Barnes and Noble and at Kobo.

Additional distribution channels will be available soon. Dile a tus amigos. Gracias.


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Interview with Andrew G. Nelson, author of Perfect Pawn

Falafel Jones interviews Andrew G. Nelson, author of PerfectPawnAndrew G. Nelson was kind enough to interview me on his blog at I really enjoyed reading Andrew’s book Perfect Pawn so I wanted to interview him too.

Since interviewing isn’t my strong suit, I asked Max Fried to do it. As a PI, Max is experienced in interviewing suspects and witnesses but I’m not so sure he’s ever done a writer before. You be the judge. Here’s what happened.

Max Fried looked at the Illinois driver’s license and said, “Say’s here your name is Andrew G. Nelson.” The other man nodded. Max continued. “You got some list of priors here. Perfect Pawn out on, Barnes and Noble. Geez, you’ve even got a paperback version at CreateSpace. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Nelson held up his hands in a defensive gesture. “What can I say, I’m from New York, I’ve got a lot to talk about! My wife got sick of hearing my voice so she told me to write. It’s been quiet here in the house for about two years now.”

Max tilted his head and said, “Word on the street is that you’re going to strike again. Something called the Queen’s Gambit. Tell me about that. When’s it going to go down and where?”

Nelson nodded knowingly. “So you heard about Queen’s Gambit huh? I heard you had a lot of snitches and stool pigeons on your payroll Max, rumors must be true. Well, word is it’s hitting the streets this month in a big way. After Perfect Pawn, I got a lot of folk’s jonesin’ for the sequel. I figure I kept them waiting long enough.”

“Yeah, I know a thing or two about jonesing but you used to be a NYC Detective, one of the good guys. Now, you’re a writer. What happened?”

Nelson looked pensive and sat for a moment. Then, he looked Max in the eye and said, “I hit rock bottom, and started to dig. Truth is, I’ve seen so much ugliness in my time that I thought the world needed to know what is really going on when they lock their doors and turn out the lights at night. It’s not for the faint of heart, you know that Max. I’m just offering readers a look into the seedy world of crime and justice from the safety of their living rooms.”

Max waved an autographed paperback in the air. “What can you tell me about this guy named James Maguire and don’t say you never heard of him. I got proof.”

Nelson sounded excited. He leaned forward. “He’s the real deal, Max. Hardcore former cop who took a bullet and got medically discharged as his reward. But he improvised, adapted and overcame the system. Now he’s like you, running a private eye gig. Except his clients travel around in Gulfstream’s and live in palatial mansions in tony neighborhoods on Long Island. The fact that he’s in the cross hairs of a psychotic killer, well that’s just another day at the office for him.”

Max pulled a photo from a manila folder. “What about this woman, Melody Anderson? She’s a known associate of Maguire’s. Is anybody ever going to see her again?”

Nelson smiled. “That dame’s as ruthless in the boardroom as she is in the bedroom. Maguire’s gonna have his hands full with her, but she’s a great ally to have.”

“I should know better than to ask but, anything else you’d want to say before I close this interview?”

“I’m from New York, how much time do I have? My goal in writing Perfect Pawn was to give readers a bit of everything. There’s action, mystery, suspense, romance and enough twists and turns to make you think that you’re on a literary roller coaster. In Queen’s Gambit it we’re going to amp that up even more. I hope your readers appreciate it. Thanks for interviewing me, Max. Now you can put that blackjack away!”


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Payback’s a Beach, but sometimes it’s FREE

Payback's a BeachLet’s do it again. I’ve got another batch of coupon codes good for FREE copies of the audio book edition of  Payback’s a Beach

Each code is good for one free copy of the audio book version of Payback’s a Beach.

If you’d like a copy, just send an email to and ask for one.

I have a limited amount of free codes so it’s first come, first served until they run out.


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Free for Valentine’s Day

Free ebook for Valentine's day Press One for YesHappy Valentine’s Day

For five days staring Valentine’s Day, you can download for free, the ebook edition of Press One for Yes.

Visit between February 14 and February 18, 2014 and read Press One for Yes for free.

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More FREE audiobooks

I’m giving away FIVE FREE coupon codes.

Each code is good for one free copy of the audiobook version of Payback’s a Beach.

If you’d like a copy, just be one of the first five folks to send an email to and ask for one.

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Payback’s a Beach (and now it’s also an audiobook)

Payback's a Beach
What more can I say? In Life’s a Beach Then You Die, narrator Rob Ellis was the perfect Max Fried. Now, in the sequel,  Payback’s a Beach, Rob’s done it again. If he sounds familiar, maybe you heard one of Rob’s commercial spots on TV. You can view some of them on Rob’s YouTube channel.

Of course you can find the book in all versions (ebook, audio and paperback) at In addition, you can also find the audiobook version at and iTunes.

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Press One for Yes

Press One for YesAnd now something new and different, Press One for Yes, is a near future, suspense novella (86 pages) available only at

Reality TV exploded in the year 2000. Soon after, interactive TV let viewers control the action. No one even blinked in 2016 when the USA closed conventional polls in favor of TV remote controls, computers and smartphones.

When college student, Jake Gillespie, scores an internship in the agency that runs the elections, he’s thrilled. Then, he discovers that someone inside is actually running the elections.

After he learns the secret, Jake fixes a local vote. He hopes the outcome will keep his girlfriend from leaving town. He’s wrong.

Now that the Tobacco lobby is putting in the fix on the next presidential election, Jake wants to clear the air but if he does then his own crime will be exposed.

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Congrats, Karen H. on your free audiobook

Wow! A free audiobook.

Karen H.’s entry was selected at random as the December 1, 2013 winner of a free audiobook version of Life’s a Beach Then You Die.

Free audiobook of Life's a Beach Then You Die Thank you all for entering and Karen, we hope you enjoy the audiobook. As some of you know, there’s a sequel to Life’s a Beach Then You Die. but most folks don’t know that Rob Ellis is working on an audiobook version of the sequel. It’s called, Payback’s a Beach. It’s available now in paperback and in Kindle versions.

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Max & Mariel talk beach gear

I had a chance to chat with Max Fried and Mariel from the free ebook Life’s a Beach Then You Die.Beach gear used by Max I needed advice on beach gear and they were kind enough to share their preferences. When you’re walking the beach and thinking of murder, you gotta have good beach gear.

Electronics – There’s nothing like waterproof or water resistant electronic gear for spending time at the beach.

Beachwear – Footwear and swimsuits that Max and Mariel favor.

Beach cart – You’re going spend the day on the sand, you’re going to want to be comfortable. Max tells how he gets his gear to the beach.

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